Sunday, March 14, 2010

Recent Work

       I realize I haven't posted any recent work but I've been busy this whole semester, heres some things I've been working on this semester

-Head from Memory

This right here was the assignment for the first day of class with Tylden S. The assignment was to make a head from memory, which was fun. 



Heres a 1 1/2 day portrait ( the snow storm caused the model to be late) but over all i felt good about it i feel like I could definitely work more on the collar at least try to make it flow better, it looks too stiff as of now.


-One hour portrait

 this portrait here is part of a series of studies/works that Im starting, so basically I give myself one hour to work on a portrait from memory or life, Im trying to get use to working faster and more accurately, going for likeness, form and structure.


-3 day figure

For this piece I had 3 class days to work on it which is nice because you can take your time with it, The way it works for me I work on the figure for 2 weeks and the 3rd week I tweak it or I emphasize things. I had a great time with this one the model was great and Im looking into working with him in the future. 

Well thats it for right now,  Im working on other things that Ill soon have photos off

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  1. HI mario,
    lovely work on here, particulalry like this piece!