Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Esculturas del segundo semestre en MICA.

Estos son trabajos del segundo semestre en MICA, Estoy mostrando unos, porque todavía no tengo fotos de la mayoría de los trabajos.

These few pieces are from Spring 2010 at MICA I'm posting some, I don't have images of all of them yet,

aprox- 5' alto/alto
Esta escultura fue realizada para la clase de "Figuring Bodies" Entendiendo Cuerpos, la hice originalmente echa en greda y después le saque un molde al cual el producto final fue Yeso con Oxido de hierro rojo.

This sculpture was for a class called Figuring bodies, It was made in clay but then casted in a plaster mixed with Red Iron Oxide.


 (aprox 20" alto/tall)

Este esqueleto fue echo en cerámica, pegado y pintado. Cada hueso fue echo a mano.
This skeleton was made in ceramic, later on put together using glue and paint, each bone was made my hand 
36" alto/tall

Esta es de una serie de esculturas de memoria, por lo menos, la mayoría de mis trabajos son de memoria y el resto con modelos, esta escultura fue echa de memoria y fue realizada para ayudarme a entender el cuerpo humano en relación a lo que el cuerpo puede hacer y no puede hacer.

This sculpture is part of a series of works that ive been doing based on memory, more than half of my work is based from memory the rest is using models. This piece was made primarily to help me understand the human body, and what it can and cant do.

24" alto/tall
Este es un estudio de retrato con modelo
Portrait study with model

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Recent Work

       I realize I haven't posted any recent work but I've been busy this whole semester, heres some things I've been working on this semester

-Head from Memory

This right here was the assignment for the first day of class with Tylden S. The assignment was to make a head from memory, which was fun. 



Heres a 1 1/2 day portrait ( the snow storm caused the model to be late) but over all i felt good about it i feel like I could definitely work more on the collar at least try to make it flow better, it looks too stiff as of now.


-One hour portrait

 this portrait here is part of a series of studies/works that Im starting, so basically I give myself one hour to work on a portrait from memory or life, Im trying to get use to working faster and more accurately, going for likeness, form and structure.


-3 day figure

For this piece I had 3 class days to work on it which is nice because you can take your time with it, The way it works for me I work on the figure for 2 weeks and the 3rd week I tweak it or I emphasize things. I had a great time with this one the model was great and Im looking into working with him in the future. 

Well thats it for right now,  Im working on other things that Ill soon have photos off

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Ill start this blog with works from last semester most of which are figurative pieces.

Water base clay- aprox 20"tall - 2 day

Standing female nude
water base clay- 36" tall- 4 day

Standing male nude with breast plate
water base clay-36"- 2 day

Anatomia de un Colombiano (man without a foot)
Mix media- 5'-6"

Over life size figure study ( collaboration with Sidney Marra)
Water base clay- aprox 8' 

Study of nude 
water base clay- 35"- 2 day